Brian Rice Construction

Our Team

BR Construction takes a balanced approach to the business of custom home building using the highest skilled contractors, quality building materials, and value pricing. Personal attention to all the details turns a house into a home. Experience the Difference with BR Construction

BR Construction is taking a personal approach to the custom home construction business with a specialized type of service that is unsurpassed. Our approach helps the custom home buyer feel a sense of security by working closely with their builder Brian Rice. It is well known that many times buyers of custom built homes feel lost in the shuffle with large construction companies. Due to the fact that many homes are under construction at the same time with a serious lack of needed supervision, mistakes can be made or attention to detail can be quickly lost. This will ultimately make the construction of the home take much longer and create more stress and headaches, leaving the buyer with an unpleasant experience.

At BR Construction we pride ourselves in paying close attention to every detail.  All our home sites are supervised daily which ensures that everything is done right the first time. This makes the building process a real pleasure for every BR Construction new custom home buyer.

With BR Construction the attention starts in the planning of the home, committing each small detail to paper, including full architectural design, to ensure that every home meets the high standard of each client's personal needs and wants. As a result of following the detailed plans through each stage of construction ensures the best possible home to our valued clients.

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